Granit Bavarian Gin

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Granit. Ein Gin wie Bayern.

Alte Hausbrennerei Penninger is the leading distiller of traditional Bavarian speciality spirits. Utilising over 100 years of experience and using the Bavarian Forest's native roots and herbs we created GRANIT Bavarian Gin. It combines the distillery's traditional skills with the modern-day international market for spirits. Classic gin spices and herbs including lemon, coriander and cardamom are combined with plants native to the Bavarian Forest (such as melissa, bald-money and the gentian root) to give GRANIT its distinctive taste.

GRANIT Bavarian Gin is matured for several months in traditional earthenware vats before being filtered. Every bottle of GRANIT comes with a small granite stone attached. This can be placed in the freezer to cool down and be used as an ice cube. This prevents the drink from becoming watered down and is guaranteed to be a conversation starter!

Granit Bavarian Gin
28 botanicals
42 alc. % vol.
100 percent organic


Bavarian Gin Filtration über Granit